Sexually transmitted infections are called diseases when they cause symptoms, which is why many people use both STI and STD when discussing sexual health. It is common for people to use the term STD, even when there are no signs of infection.

STIs Come In 3 Types:

Bacterial – may be treated and cured.

Viral – symptoms can be treated, but the infection is not usually curable. 

Parasitic – caused by parasites and can be treated and cured.



There are 4 types of sex that can expose you to an STI:

1.       Oral sex

2.       Anal sex

3.       Vaginal sex

4.       Mutual masturbation


Many infections can also be spread from mother-to-child during pregnancy or the birthing process.

The CDC estimates that each year there are 20 million new cases of STI/STD infections, and half of those are found in 15-24 year olds. This means that someone is getting an STI/STD every 3.1 seconds!

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