What do I need to know?

Exploring your adoption options

You may have some questions if you’re considering adoption. This is 100% your decision, but you don’t have to make it alone. We’ll help answer some of your questions and point you to resources that can give you the information you need about your circumstances and child.

What decisions will I have to make?

If you choose adoption, you will have the opportunity to make some decisions about your child and their future.

These may include the type of adoption you choose, who will adopt your baby, and how much you want to be involved in your child’s life.

Every adoption is different. The adoption agency you work with will help you understand and make all of the decisions you face.

No matter what you choose, you always have the power to change your decision and mind. It’s never too late to make or change your decision about adoption. This is your child and your choice.


How will I know my child is okay?

Every prospective adoptive family is thoroughly assessed by the adoption agency and the state where they live.

An agency can help you make a decision about the level of contact and information you have about your child and the adoptive family.


Can I get financial help for medical and living expenses?

There are resources available for expectant parents who choose adoption. Many adoption agencies will help you navigate through the financial expenses related to your situation and pregnancy.


What should I do next?

The best next step is getting in touch with a local adoption agency. They can help you understand the father’s rights when it comes to adoption, the different types of adoption available, and answers to all of the questions you may have.

For free, confidential information and services, contact any of these agencies:

Adoption by Shepherd Care
Call: (954) 981-2060
Text: (754) 666-2973

Lifeline Children’s Services
Call & Text: (800) 875-5595

Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Call: (407) 628-9051

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