Common Concerns and Helpful Information

Finding Help

Your Patient Advocate can provide you with a list of agencies and organizations in your community which provide a variety of services and may be of use to you.

Extended Family

It is important to talk with your extended family both before and after the birth of your baby to ensure everyone’s expectations are the same. You will have to work out what role your family will play in the new life you will be establishing for yourself and your baby.


If you are single and are exploring the idea of parenting, begin by contacting the Florida Department of Health in Orange County at (407) 858-1495 or You can also ask about your right to receive child support from the father of the baby.

Women, Infants and Children Programs (WIC) has a variety of support programs at

Food stamps can be obtained from the U.S. Department of Agriculture at

If you are looking for another form of referral contact, dial 211 to contact Heart of United Way for a list of local resources.



Redeeming Life Maternity Home located in Sanford, FL can be the first step. Please call 407-790-9745 for more information. If you have a job, Orlando Rescue Mission may provide transportation, housing, and childcare. For details call 407-423-2131.

For an updated list of housing referrals, dial 211 for Heart of United Way



The BETA House/UCP works with Orange County Public Schools to provide academic and other support services for teen moms, grades 6-12. Material resources such as diapers and formula may also be available.

Please call 407-852-3300 Ext. 7313 for details.


Personal Time

Your family may also be willing to make the adjustments necessary to make room for you and the baby. An open and honest conversation is important to the success of that arrangement. You will not have the same time for yourself you once had. If you ask for help from trusted friends and family, you may be able to work out an arrangement which provides for your child’s well-being and provides you with an occasional break from the responsibilities of caring for your child.


Adoption is an option open to you anytime, even weeks or months after the baby’s birth. Your Client Advocate can provide you with adoption agency referrals. The father of the baby also has rights regarding adoption.


Father’s Rights

Fathers who have proven paternity do have rights in Florida. The best information regarding the legal rights of the baby’s father can be found here:


Father’s Role

Many times, fathers are just as confused and scared as you are when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Consider discussing your options or inviting the father of the baby to the clinic before making a decision. This approach can be beneficial to you, the baby, and the father of the baby. We cannot predict what he will say but you can be confident that you have done your best in providing for your child’s future. Many times, fathers embrace their role and become excellent role models once the child is born.


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