An unintended pregnancy can bring several overwhelming emotions and questions. Above all, you may be wondering: “What do I do next?”

In this blog, you’ll find tips for your next steps. But you’ll also learn what you shouldn’t do when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

These suggestions will help you figure out what you want next. They’ll also protect your mental and physical health as you journey through this difficult situation.

What not to do when facing an unintended pregnancy

What not to do when facing an unintended pregnancy

1. Don’t beat yourself uphave compassion

Surprise pregnancies often spark intense feelings of fear, anxiety, and shame. You may be overcome by your emotions, wishing you could go back in time to change the choices you made.

No matter what led to your pregnancy, you don’t deserve judgment or shame—even from yourself.

Women get pregnant while using contraception. They get pregnant while practicing safe sex. Women get pregnant because they make poor decisions. They get pregnant when they do everything right.

Pregnancy is a natural result of sex. Blaming yourself for your decisions or the situation won’t help anything.

It’ll just make you feel crummy.

Instead, remember that you—and your life—are not defined by this pregnancy. Your plans look a little different than expected, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the same goals and dreams.

After all, you are still in control of the decisions you make about the circumstances you’re given. 

With a little support and time, you’ll see this pregnancy not as the moment your life ended, but as the moment something special began.

2. Don’t hide the news—share it with someone who has your back

Many women choose to keep their pregnancies a secret. They fear the reactions of their family and friends. They may worry that they’ll lose their jobs or fail to complete school.

But hiding this news won’t change your circumstances. It’ll only force you to carry it alone.

Confiding in someone you trust is important for your mental health and emotional well-being. You can talk to a friend or family member. Some women find support from mentors, teachers, coaches, and people at church.

You can even connect with a local organization such as Thrive Orlando.

Don’t hide the news—share it with someone who has your back

Here, you can speak to a patient advocate about your fears, hopes, and circumstances. During your confidential appointment, you’ll also receive information about local resources and all of your options.

No matter what you choose, this isn’t a journey you have to walk alone.

We’re here for you.

3. Don’t make a hasty decision—take some time to think about this major choice

You have several options for your unintended pregnancy. At Thrive, you will receive information on all pregnancy options to help you make an informed decision. 

This may be one of the biggest and most important choices you make in your life, so it’s not one you should rush.

Take some time to learn about all of your unplanned pregnancy options. Research the cost of abortions in Orlando. Explore the different types of adoption. Consider what it would be like to parent.

And talk about your concerns and desires with someone you trust.

This isn’t a decision you want to regret. Make sure you understand your choices and what you want before deciding.

Above all, remember that no one can make this decision but you.

It’s your life. And you deserve to make the choice you want to make, no matter what anyone else—including the father and your parents—wants.

4. Don’t neglect your health—get the medical care you need

Don’t neglect your health—get the medical care you need for your unintended pregnancy

Women who want an abortion often assume that they don’t need medical pregnancy care first. But neglecting your physical health can put your life and well-being in danger.

Before making any decision, you should get a medical-grade pregnancy test, ultrasound, and STD testing. 

The pregnancy test will officially confirm your pregnancy, helping you avoid unnecessary angst if you’re not actually pregnant.

The ultrasound will show whether your pregnancy is viable (healthy) or if you are having a miscarriage. The sonographer will also check for complications such as an ectopic pregnancy. Taking the abortion pill with this condition may cause severe internal bleeding, infection, and death.

STIs threaten your sexual health, but they can also cause abortion complications. If the bacteria travels further into your reproductive organs because of an abortion, you may develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. This condition may cause chronic pain, abscesses, and future infertility.

Thrive Orlando offers these services free of charge. We believe that every woman deserves compassionate, professional healthcare. Our registered nurses and certified sonographers ensure that you can find the care you need here.

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The first step is always the hardest. But it can also show you which steps you want to take next.

Making an appointment at our healthcare clinic is a small step, but it will help you determine your next decisions with confidence.

Make your appointment today.

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