What is the cost of an abortion

For many women, one of the main questions they have is, what is the cost of an abortion? How will I pay for an abortion? Will this be covered by insurance? Is there any help to pay for an abortion?

But some might not realize abortion may have other costs besides financial. There can be physical and emotional effects that can linger for many years. It is good to pause, ask questions and think about what an abortion may really cost you.

What is the Financial Cost of an Abortion?

It can be difficult to determine the financial cost of an abortion. Geographical location plays a part, as costs and insurance coverage vary by region. In the state of Florida, insurance will not cover abortion in most circumstances.1   In addition, how far along you are in your pregnancy is a major factor. The gestational age determines which type of abortion can be performed, and costs vary depending on the type.

  • Medical abortion or Abortion Pill: RU486 is a combination of two medications given in early pregnancy to cause an abortion. Typically this will involve several visits to the abortion clinic, with the actual abortion occurring at home. You can expect to pay $500-$750 for this procedure.
  • Surgical abortion: There are several types of surgical abortion procedures. In Florida, these can be performed from 6-24 weeks after the last menstrual period. Again, the procedure depends on how far along you are. These can range in price quite widely, from $600 all the way up to $2000+.
Cost of abortion

What are the Physical Costs of an Abortion?

As with any medical procedure or medication, there can be physical complications or side effects. These can include pain, bleeding, nausea, fever, infection, and even damage to reproductive organs. While some of these may be temporary, there is a chance that you may have long-term issues, including difficulty getting or staying pregnant in the future.

What are the emotional costs of an Abortion?

emotional cost of abortion

It is very normal to have a lot of different emotions after your abortion. This can be the hidden cost of abortion and may not even be apparent until years later. This emotional cost can also affect the father of the baby. Some emotional side effects can include: regret, anger, shame, phobias, sleeping issues, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and relationship issues.

Some women may be particularly susceptible to negative feelings after abortion. You may want to ask yourself these questions to see if you might be at risk:

  • Am I feeling pressured to have an abortion?
  • Do I feeling rushed?
  • Am I giving this decision enough thought?
  • Do I have strong religious views?
  • Am I well informed regarding my choices?
  • Do I recognize the fetus as a human being?

As you think through the costs of abortion, we want you to know that you are not alone. Here at Thrive Orlando, we offer a confidential, professional environment to get the information you need to think through and make your best decision. From pregnancy and STD testing, ultrasounds, and information about your options, to parenting classes and post-abortion support, all services are offered at no cost to you. Call 407-208-9058 to make your appointment for our no-cost pregnancy services today!

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