Protecting your mental health during your pregnancy can take many forms. The five journaling prompts for an unintended pregnancy included in this blog, for example, are a great way to calm anxiety. You can also use them to consider your potential options while still honoring your emotions. 

Use these prompts to heal from the trauma of your situation and take back control of your life.

5 journaling prompts for an unintended pregnancy

1. Journal your feelings

You have a lot swirling through your mind. Journaling your emotions helps you process and understand them. It can also help you gain control over your feelings so you can make better decisions about your pregnancy.

If you’re not sure where to start, use an emotion wheel to identify your feelings. This tool breaks broad categories, like fear and sadness, into specific emotions, such as feeling helpless, abandoned, or ashamed. 

It’s also okay to work through your emotions physically. Let yourself cry, yell, and curl up as you write. As you honor your feelings, you’ll be more prepared to consider all of the factors involved in your pregnancy.

2. Explore your fears and challenges

An unplanned pregnancy is a big deal, but it can often seem scarier in our minds than it is in reality.

Write down the fears and challenges you’re facing to sort truth from feelings. Think about what you want for both your pregnancy and future and why you’re afraid you can’t achieve it.

As you journal, you’ll see how your brain has overexaggerated your fears, turning slight obstacles into impossible challenges. 

Separating emotional reactions from reality will help you explore practical solutions to the problems you face. When you can see the big picture, you’ll be able to find ways to get what you truly want.

3. Organize your stressors by what is and isn’t in your control

Feeling like nothing is in your control is overwhelming. Thankfully, you have more power than you think.

For this prompt, write down the fears and stressors in your situation. Organize them by the level of control you have over them. 

Use the things you can control to understand how much power you have in your situation. Make a plan for staying on top of these things so you can retain the control you have.

You can also decide how to deal with the things you can’t control. Identify resources you need or ways you have to be more flexible in your future plans. No one’s life goes exactly as they planned, but a positive mindset can turn unexpected situations into incredible opportunities.

4. Think about your long- and short-term goals

Do you want to get your college degree? Enjoy a happy, healthy marriage? Maintain your current relationships?

Even if your dreams seem out of reach because of your unplanned pregnancy, remember that this is just one part of the journey. It may look a bit different than you hoped, but you can still achieve your goals.

As you journal what you want to achieve, consider how to adjust your plans to accommodate unexpected life changes. Make a list of resources and people who can help you reach your goals along the way.


And most importantly, think beyond today. Consider the long-term effects of every option, asking yourself, “What would happen if I changed my mind after making this decision or wanted to choose a different option?”

This decision will affect the rest of your life so give it the time and consideration it deserves.

5. Map out your support system

My parents will be so disappointed. What will my friends think? This pregnancy is going to ruin my partner’s life.

Fear and shame often create assumptions about other people’s reactions. You might expect your family and friends to react negatively to news about your unintended pregnancy, but instead find love, support, and compassion from the people you love most.

For this prompt, list all of the people in your life who can help you through your unplanned pregnancy. Plan when and how to tell each person about the pregnancy.

You can also figure out who will be your greatest support, telling them first so they can help you share the news with others.

Don’t make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions

Understanding your options is crucial to protecting your mental health. Once you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision, you can feel empowered to choose what’s best for your life.

Make a free appointment today to confirm your pregnancy and learn about all of your options.

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