Wondering how to tell your partner about an unexpected pregnancy? This conversation can be stressful, especially if you’re not sure how he’ll react. 

The tips in this blog will help you prepare for this conversation. You’ll feel more confident and ready to handle your partner’s reaction, even if it’s less than positive.

How to tell your partner about an unexpected pregnancy

Confirm your pregnancy first

Before approaching your partner, you may want to make sure you are actually pregnant. Early pregnancy symptoms, like a late period, can be caused by several health and lifestyle changes. You may have gotten a positive home pregnancy test, but they aren’t always accurate. 

Pregnancy clinics like Thrive Orlando offer medical-grade pregnancy tests, often for free. These tests are more accurate and can give you a more reliable result.

Additionally, you can get a no-cost ultrasound to fully confirm your pregnancy and see if it’s viable. 

A non-viable pregnancy means the embryo won’t survive and you will have a natural miscarriage. In this case, you can avoid the additional emotional distress of telling your partner about a pregnancy that doesn’t survive.

Practice with someone you trust

Sharing the news with someone else can help you find the right words. It will also help you work through your emotions and ease your anxiety before experiencing your partner’s reaction. The conversation won’t be exactly the same, but it can help you know what to expect.

Plus, the person you tell can offer reassurance and suggest how to tell your partner about your unexpected pregnancy, especially if they know him too. Choose someone you trust to listen without judgment and give you support, such as a friend, mom, sister, or therapist.

Tell him face-to-face

You may think that a text or phone call will make it easier to reveal your pregnancy, but it can actually create extra friction. When you can’t see each other’s facial expressions and body language, it’s hard to have an honest conversation. Instead, choose a comfortable setting, preferably in private, to have the talk in person. 

After sharing the news about your pregnancy, give your partner time to process it. An unplanned pregnancy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does require some getting used to. Don’t choose a time when either of you has somewhere to be or something to do after. Create space for both your initial reactions and the discussion that follows.

Talk honestly about how you feel

Being honest is the most important part of this conversation. Don’t say what you think your partner wants to hear because your assumptions might be wrong. Honestly tell him how you’re feeling. Share your worries and your hopes, your fears and your deepest wants.

You should also avoid putting blame on each other. Both of you were involved in making this pregnancy and casting blame will only create negative feelings.

If an argument starts or his reaction is overly negative, give your partner some space. He may need time to cope with the unplanned pregnancy. You can then revisit the conversation when you are both calmer.

Make any decisions together

You are the only ones who have a say in your pregnancy and lives. Make sure you work through your emotions, fears, and desires together. Don’t let anyone else’s reactions or opinions affect your decisions.

Ultimately, that includes pressure from your partner. If he doesn’t agree with the decision you want to make deep down, find support elsewhere. You may not be able to undo the choice you make about your pregnancy. Make sure it’s one you won’t regret.

Invite your partner to your appointment

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp the reality of a situation until you see proof. If you are comfortable with it, your partner can come to your appointment at Thrive Orlando to see the results of your pregnancy test and your ultrasound. Sharing this experience may help you figure out the best choice to make for your pregnancy.

Get advice and support at Thrive Orlando

When you’re faced with an unexpected pregnancy and you don’t know what to do, start here. You can get answers regarding your pregnancy and potential options, as well as ask any questions you may have. Knowledge encourages confidence, helping you figure out what you want to do and how you want to share your desires with your partner.

During your confidential consultation, you’ll also have the chance to talk about your situation. You can explore challenges in your life and even practice telling your partner with your Patient Advocate.


Book your appointment to get no-cost judgment-free care today.

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