An ultrasound is always one of the first steps a woman should take after learning about her pregnancy.

Even if you plan on getting an abortion, you should get an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and check for any potential problems.

A pre-abortion ultrasound will also help you determine which abortion options are available to you. Since these options vary depending on the age of your pregnancy, it’s important to get this information first.

If you’ve never had a pregnancy ultrasound, here are a few things you might not know about this free service!

What should I expect from my pre-abortion ultrasound?

1. You’ll need to drink a lot of water

Before you show up for your pre-abortion ultrasound, we’ll ask you to drink enough water to fill your bladder. 

This step might seem strange, but it’s an important part of every pregnancy ultrasound.

The sonographer can get a better look at your uterus and reproductive organs when your bladder is full. It moves your bowels and uterus into the best place for the scan. It’s not always easy to make out the important details in an ultrasound, but our certified sonographers and nurses are up to the challenge!

Everyone loves their morning coffee, but we suggest you wait until after your appointment to have a cup. Caffeine might give you bladder cramps. Instead, just drink water. 

You’ll need to drink a lot of water

If your bladder is painfully full, you can also empty your bladder just enough to relieve any pain as you wait for your scan.

We can give you water at the clinic, but we also recommend drinking 20-30 oz. of water in the hour before your appointment. It will speed things up and help us get you in quicker.

2. You may need a transvaginal exam

Abdominal scans are the best way to scan your uterus during the later months of pregnancy, but this method may not clearly show an early pregnancy. If you are four to fourteen weeks pregnant, you may need a transvaginal exam instead.

The sonographer will insert a slim wand into your vagina to get a clear picture of your uterus. If you’re more comfortable inserting the wand yourself, we will also give you that option.

While it may cause some discomfort, the exam isn’t painful and will only last a few minutes.

3. We’ll tell you if your pregnancy is viable

We’ll tell you if your pregnancy is viable

Up to 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. There are many reasons that a pregnancy may end. It may be an abnormality with the embryo’s development. Sometimes your body just can’t maintain the pregnancy.

The sonographer will measure the embryo to see if it is developing as expected. She will also check the yolk sac, heart rate, and gestational sac for abnormalities that might indicate a miscarriage.

The medical staff may recommend a follow-up ultrasound to check your pregnancy’s development and measure its progression. If the pregnancy has not progressed at this point, you may need miscarriage care rather than choosing a pregnancy option.

4. We’ll tell you how far along you are

The date of your last menstrual cycle offers a rough estimate of your pregnancy’s age. Since you may have had early pregnancy bleeding, an irregular period, or been mistaken about the date, this method isn’t always accurate.

An ultrasound, however, allows the sonographer to measure the embryo. This measurement will reveal the age of your pregnancy to the week and day.

Your gestational age determines which options you can choose for your pregnancy. Taking the abortion pill when you’re too far along, for instance, is dangerous to your health. For your health and safety, you should get all the information you need before making your decision.

Your ultrasound will also help you decide your next steps with confidence.

Find compassionate, professional pregnancy care at Thrive Orlando

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Best of all, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable throughout your appointment. You deserve to have nonjudgmental, professional pregnancy care.

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Find compassionate, professional pregnancy care at Thrive Orlando
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