3 Ways to Know If Thrive Orlando Is Right for You

 You took an at-home test that says you’re pregnant, and you’re devastated.   Even though at-home tests have become affordable options for us over the years, they still lack the advantage of being as reliable as a lab-quality pregnancy test performed by licensed medical professionals. The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with us […]

Good Morning, Good Day

You know those mornings when everything goes wrong? It starts when you snooze your alarm. Suddenly, thirty minutes have gone by and, after you snooze it for the third time, you see the error of your ways and bolt out of bed haphazardly running to the bathroom and to start the tea kettle on the […]

Winter Tips

Even though we are in Florida, and the temperatures don’t drop like other parts of the world… there are still many things to be aware of during winter months.  Many of these things involve prepping your car to reduce the chance of an accident and being prepared when needing roadside assistance.  Check out the three […]

Why You Should Stop Being a Perfectionist

In the time that we are living in, it is so hard to not strive to be perfect.  We all strive to look like models, act like models, lift like body builders, smile like Miss America, etc.  But seriously… we need to stop.  No one is perfect!  Not even those ladies that we strive to […]

Sleep Just Might Be the Solution

Do you feel like it’s hard to focus on the task at hand or keep up with the conversation because you just don’t have the energy? Have you been eating too much lately and especially gravitating towards sweets, carbs and unhealthy options? Are your friends and coworkers complaining that you’ve been grouchy and impatient? Is […]

Sleep & Its Role in Your Health

Everyone loves a good night’s rest.  Am I right?  But sometimes there’s just so much to do in an evening that sleep gets put on the backburner.  Well, Thrive is here for you and your health.  And since we are always looking out for you, we want to make sure you know just how important […]

4 Tips for Organizing Your Apartment This Fall

Each season requires different treatment from each of us!  As new seasons come, I am always a stickler about feeling refreshed and being as ready as possible to enjoy the season ahead.  Here are 4 helpful tips for organizing your apartment this fall. Do some fall cleaning. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be deep cleaning, […]

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

College and not having much money to spend seems to go hand in hand.  A lot of times, we pinch pennies to get by and even more often, we don’t budget when it comes to buying food.  Did you know if you had a plan and sat down to think about meals you’d save a […]

Three Things I Would Tell My 18-Year-Old Self When Starting College

Starting college is the best/most overwhelming experience we go through… especially as girls.  We’re getting our freedom, we’re moving away from home, we’re meeting new people, we’re making our own decisions, and we make the rules.  But that can also be very scary at times and looking back I wished I would have had someone […]

Productive Things You Can Do Between Classes

Whether you’re the type of student who purposefully schedules all your classes back to back or you accidentally ended up with two (or more) classes in a row, you’re now stuck with those awkward ten or fifteen minutes between classes. If you have to walk across campus to get to your next class, this isn’t […]