Winter Tips

Even though we are in Florida, and the temperatures don’t drop like other parts of the world… there are still many things to be aware of during winter months.  Many of these things involve prepping your car to reduce the chance of an accident and being prepared when needing roadside assistance.  Check out the three things we recommend doing before winter comes.

  1. Make sure your car is checked before winter. Most places around the US winterize their cars before winter months because winter means colder temperatures and icy conditions.  Even though we don’t experience those conditions in Florida, it is still a good idea to make sure that your car is ready for the season and that you get routine maintenance done to your vehicle.  This is important to constantly check and maintain to increase the life of your vehicle.
  2. Lights on. Again, even though the temperatures don’t drastically change, daylight hours do and it is darker for more hours in the day than experienced during the summer.  Make sure that you turn your lights on each morning and night, or make sure that your automatic lights work properly.
  3. Be prepared for emergencies. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for any situation.  This tip is helpful throughout the year, not just winter months.  Always have water, snacks, and first aid materials in your car at all times.  If you have a flat tire and are stranded along the road for a long period of time, the majority of the items listed above will come in handy.

Stay safe, Florida!  <3