Why You Should Stop Being a Perfectionist

In the time that we are living in, it is so hard to not strive to be perfect.  We all strive to look like models, act like models, lift like body builders, smile like Miss America, etc.  But seriously… we need to stop.  No one is perfect!  Not even those ladies that we strive to be like.  Did you know that striving for perfection is actually bad for self-esteem?  Here’s why…

  • By trying to be perfect, you will always fall short and never think you are good enough. You are you and that is what makes you perfect.  By trying to be someone else, you will always fall short and you will always be unhappy with where you are.  Stop focusing on others and who they are, and start focusing on you.  If you want to strive to be the best version of you, go for it, but you were not made to be anyone but yourself.
  • By striving for perfection, you actually feed stress and anxiety. Since you will never feel “perfect”, you are damaging your self-esteem and demolishing your self-worth by always being down about who you are and “not being enough.”  I assure you… you are enough!
  • You overlook positives in your life. By striving to be your idea of “perfect” you will constantly be looking past anything that is positive in your life because you did not view it as being the best.
  • You can miss good opportunities. If you have your mind set on something and you keep trying for that without taking any other opportunities, you might just be blind and pass up a good thing but you didn’t see it because you were so zoned in and focused on something else.

No one is perfect, I will say it again… so strive to be you… and you will never be disappointed.  <3