Tips for Good Summer Hygiene

With the hot and humid summer heat, our bodies need to be well-managed and maintained.  The heat hums its summer tune, but the humidity is the theme song to the summer weather.  Here are some essential tips which will assist in maintaining proper hygiene during the summer months.

Don’t skip the shower.  I know that summer nights are always packed tight with ball games, late night movies, going to the gym, night swims, girl-time, date-nights, and all kinds of activities… but make sure you make time for your shower!  Showers are specifically important after sweating, and we all sweat in the hot-sticky summer months.

(Fact:  the smell isn’t the reason for showering after you sweat.  the perspiration that you left behind on your skins allows bacteria to thrive.  this leads to acne and rash breakouts.)

Don’t share underwear or swimsuit bottoms.  I know we all like to think that our washing machines have super powers and bleach out all the bacteria and fungus from our clothing, but that just isn’t the case.  It does its best… but it doesn’t magically make our undergarments “like new”.  So for your health, and the other women around you, just don’t share your swim bottoms or undergarments.

(Fact:  sharing these items could lead to sharing STD/STIs such as: gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, herpes, and syphilis.)

Wash your face.  Seriously, I get it.  I know that summer evenings are so busy, you are rushing from one thing to the next, and you are just trying to make the most of your evening.  But make sure when you are getting ready for bed, that you make time to wash your face!  You will not regret it.  As you know, the summer heat makes your skin sweat a lot and your face accumulates a variety of oils over the surface of your skin which results in pimples and acne.

(Advice:  weekly exfoliation is a great idea for the skin to scrub off the dead cells and dirt particles.)

Wash your sheets.  My guess is by now you get the importance of cleanliness and washing all your possessions, especially in the summer months.  But hey… don’t forget to still wash your sheets!  The truth of the matter is, bed sheets can rack up a serious amount of sweat, body oils, saliva, dirt, germs, and all kinds of gross things.  No one wants to be sleeping in germ-infested sheets… so wash them every chance you get!

(Advice: it is recommended that we wash our sheets at a minimum of once a week.)

There you have it.  These are just four easy tips to follow when making sure that your summer hygiene is at the top of its game.  Now go enjoy a clean summer!