Three Things I Would Tell My 18-Year-Old Self When Starting College

Starting college is the best/most overwhelming experience we go through… especially as girls.  We’re getting our freedom, we’re moving away from home, we’re meeting new people, we’re making our own decisions, and we make the rules.  But that can also be very scary at times and looking back I wished I would have had someone to tell me these 3 things about the journey ahead.  Unfortunately, I didn’t learn these things until after graduation… so if I can, I want to help all of you out.

  1. Go with your instinct.   If it doesn’t feel right… it’s not right.  I know, we hear it all of the time, but it is so true.  Especially when you are out on the town for the first time alone, or when you are meeting new friends.  If something doesn’t feel right, simply don’t do it.
  2. Smile at everyone. Especially walking down the halls from class to class… what does it hurt to flash a smile at everyone that walks by?  Heck, you don’t know… you could be smiling and being nice to a future professor.  And hey, in college… that sure won’t hurt any!
  3. Pay attention in your classes. I am not saying you have to be the teacher’s pet and read four chapters each night… but you are paying for the classes.  And a lot of the classes do have practical life lessons in them.  So, try to grab those bits from the classes and hold them close.  Think of college as a time to build yourself and your resume.  Take-in the information that will better market yourself and your skillset when you graduate and go out into the real world.

College is fun.  Don’t be scared, just tackle each day as it comes!  Make lots of friends and do whatever you can to grab knowledge that will last a lifetime. <3