Sleep Just Might Be the Solution

Do you feel like it’s hard to focus on the task at hand or keep up with the conversation because you just don’t have the energy? Have you been eating too much lately and especially gravitating towards sweets, carbs and unhealthy options? Are your friends and coworkers complaining that you’ve been grouchy and impatient? Is your skin looking less healthy and fresh? Final question: have you by chance been yawning as well? I thought so. You’re probably sleep-deprived! It’s easy for us to not notice all these little things that we are struggling with, and if we do, we might not link it back to getting enough rest. Typically, we think we are tired when we feel sleepy and groggy and when our limbs have already reached the point of physical exhaustion, and we are chugging espresso after macchiato after vanilla latte to get through the day. But the fact is tiredness and lack of sleep cause other problems as well that build up gradually, and sometimes we don’t notice them piling up.


So start now and assess your sleeping habits. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 8-10 hours of sleep for teenagers and 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. Ask yourself if you are getting the recommended amount. If you find that you are not begin to build it into your routine, and make it a priority. Because if you are not getting enough sleep, you are making each one of your waking moments that much harder to get through. You are setting yourself up for weight gain, inefficiency, acne breakouts, and a mood that may cause mayhem among fellow humans.


Maybe you are the exception to the rule. Some people function just fine on less sleep, and getting too much sleep makes them feel sluggish. But before you make that judgment call, examine your physical, mental, and emotional health and see if there are any areas you are struggling with. Then consider whether it just might help to try out getting a little more rest. Your friends and family will be grateful! <3

By Colleen McCrum