Grocery Shopping on a Budget

College and not having much money to spend seems to go hand in hand.  A lot of times, we pinch pennies to get by and even more often, we don’t budget when it comes to buying food.  Did you know if you had a plan and sat down to think about meals you’d save a lot of money and not be wasteful with the food you do buy?

Here are 5 tips for grocery shopping on a budget:

  1. Track what you spend on food during the month. You might be surprised what food you are spending your money on, and also surprised that a lot of it is going bad before you get around to eating it.
  2. Budget each month! I know, as crazy as it sounds… it is really so simple.  Sit down and give yourself a budget for exactly how much you CAN spend on food.  That will mentally help you know when you can go grab fast food with a friend, or when you better eat before you go out.
  3. Name your priorities for the month. You might have a month where your expenses are lower and you can afford to put a little more towards food.  But it is also important to know your expense priorities when you are shopping for food.  Some weeks/months you might have to be a little more creative with the food and make it last you longer.
  4. PLAN. When you buy food, go home and prepare the food so you know just what you have to eat.  It is so hard to buy food, put it away, and forget about everything you bought.  If you buy carrots, when you get home, divide them into snack baggies so when you go to the fridge it is easily accessible and you can grab and go.  Meal prepping is a great way to remember what you bought!
  5. Learn to love leftovers! A lot of times this is what goes bad.  We make a big meal for ourselves and then don’t want to eat that all week so what is left goes bad.  Freeze it if you don’t want it all week.  Then remember you have it in the freezer later on when you are looking for something to eat!

Grocery shopping isn’t that hard.  Especially when you are prepared, it is a piece of cake 😊.