To the Girl Searching for “Abortion Near Me”

My abortion story: I’ll never forget that day. After looking online for “abortion near me,” I made an appointment at the local non-profit clinic for a pre-abortion screening with all intentions to pursue ending my pregnancy after that first appointment. I just wanted to be sure my pregnancy was even viable before the abortion because I had heard that as many as half of all pregnancies may end in miscarriage.

My boyfriend was pushing me to have the abortion, I was a full-time college student, and I was definitely not ready to be 9 weeks pregnant. What I found out at the clinic that day changed everything…

While I had a positive, lab-quality pregnancy test, the ultrasound showed I had an empty gestational sac, meaning the pregnancy was not viable and nothing was developing inside the sac. They referred me to a local doctor who treated me for a blighted ovum, while the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I found out that this actually causes about one out of two miscarriages!

I will never be able to thank the staff at the women’s clinic enough! Without my appointment there, I would have had an abortion and paid for a procedure that I didn’t even need without knowing that I was actually not carrying a viable pregnancy.



We can provide those same services for you as well, all at NO CHARGE. We’re a non-profit women’s clinic who strives to provide you clarity and control when you’re making abortion and pregnancy decisions. Same-day appointments may be available.