7 Signs of Depression

May is National Mental Health and Awareness Month, so we wanted to turn our focus to a significant issue in today’s world—depression. With the rise in…literally anything that can increase tension—crime, drug-use, violence—depression has become more common among the younger adults. It is not something you “snap out of” normally and more than likely will […]

Is it Selfish to Have “Me” Time?

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is it selfish to have ‘me’ time?” With busier schedules and all there is to get done, it is a completely normal question to ask; however, is it an appropriate one? Now, if we are consistently not accomplishing goals or tasks that we are responsible for and taking […]

Women’s Health The 4-1-1on the P-A-P

A pap test looks for signs of cervical cancer, which is important to get screened for. Early detection can save your life. However, a pap test is a screening, not a diagnostic test in the world of women’s health. It will only indicate if additional testing should be done to see if cancer or pre-cancerous […]

What We Also Need to Look for During a Breast Self-Exam

As women, we all know the importance of a breast self-exam. Feeling for lumps and bumps is something we should do regularly, in addition to our annual doctor check-up. However, many women may not know that signs of breast cancer can also be detected by the look of our breasts as well. So, while we […]

5 Budget Friendly Ways to Treat Yourself

It’s been a long week (or even if it hasn’t and you just need some “me time”) and a little something special would be a great start to the weekend; however, money is tight. Here are 5 budget friendly ways to treat yourself. Who says you have to wait until the weekend? At least one […]

Zika: Reason #472 to Know Your Partner! – PART TWO

Good for you, smart reader! You are doing your research and making informed decisions about your health. Now that you know the who, what, and where of Zika, let’s talk when and how. According to the CDC, abstinence is the ONLY way to provide 100% protection against the spread of Zika. If, however, you are […]


As if you, Smart Reader, needed one more reason to understand the importance of knowing your sexual partner, the Aedes species mosquito has given yet one more. These insects have the infamous title of being “Zika” carriers, a virus that is drawing concern from health professionals here in the U.S. So, here’s the “Zkinny” on […]


Vasopressin Hormone: Vasopressin is another important hormone in the long-term commitment stage of a relationship and is released after sex. While it has other functions as well, it has a powerful role in aiding the bonding process, particularly for men. Vasopressin acts as both a camera and a memory card. During orgasm the release of […]


Men and women both release powerful hormones in their brains during and immediately after sexual activity. Smaller amounts of these hormones are released through physical touch like hand-holding and cuddling. These hormones appear to act as bonding agents, helping to form deeper relational attachments, particularly for those in a long-term monogamous relationship like marriage. Oxytocin […]


Why test for STDs? As soon as you find out you are pregnant you should be tested for STDs, even if you were tested for STDs in the past. As you get closer to your due date, you may need to be tested again whether or not you have engaged in sexual activity after becoming […]