3 Ways to Know If Thrive Orlando Is Right for You

  •  You took an at-home test that says you’re pregnant, and you’re devastated 

Even though at-home tests have become affordable options for us over the years, they still lack the advantage of being as reliable as a lab-quality pregnancy test performed by licensed medical professionals. The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with us for results you can trust.

  • You’re seeking abortion cost information in Orlando in a no-pressure setting. 

If you’re wanting to understand more about exactly which abortion procedures are available to you because you’re putting your abortion plan togetherwe can be your safe place. Because we do not charge for any of the services we offer and do not profit from any decision you make, we can give you unbiased information that will help you make an informed decision without any high-pressure sales tactics.  

  • You feel that carrying this unplanned pregnancy to term will crush your dreams and plans.  

Our highly-trained staff has helped hundreds of women who have similar fears. YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. We will walk with you, hand-in-hand, to navigate this journey you’re on, no matter what decision you make! 

All of our services are available to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion at NO CHARGE. We’re a non-profit women’s clinic who strives to provide you clarity and control when you’re making abortion and pregnancy decisions. Same-day appointments may be available.