Starting a new job?  Not doing so well in college classes?  Losing your scholarship?  Relationship issues with your boyfriend?  Overly stressed that you might be pregnant?  Fighting with friends or parents?

There are multiple reasons that stress levels often increase in our lives.  The majority of which are unavoidable and hard to control.

Many people are unaware that an increase of stress on your body majorly affects your hormones.  Rising levels of stress, or an influx of stress can absolutely make you miss your period completely.  A lot of people don’t think stress can make you miss a period in its entirety, but instead believe stress just delays a period by a couple days.  This can be true, and stress can delay your period, but stress also can cause you to completely miss a month’s period.

How?  Why?  This doesn’t make any sense?

Well, your body is sensitive to unexpected disturbances. The stress and period relationship has everything to do with hormones and how your body manages them.  Even though somewhat unknown, it looks a little like this: Stress affects your brain.  Your brain is responsible for producing hormones.  Stress can throw your hormones out of whack.  Your hormones being out of rhythm can lead to changes in frequency and duration of your menstrual cycle.

If you experience a missed period, don’t automatically think the worst. Think back to the past month of your life.  Have there been sudden changes in your lifestyle and environment that have increased your stress levels?  If so, this could be the underlying issue, but be sure to find out for sure before you make any assumptions.